Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (August 2014) SAD

SAD detected 437 square kilometers of deforestation in this period.

Social Progress Index for the Brazilian Amazon: IPS Amazônia 2014 (Executive Summary)

The Amazon has an IPS score(57.31) under the national average (67.73). The region yields results below the Brazilian average for all three dimensions.

The Increase in Deforestation in the Amazon in 2013: a point off the curve or out of control?

Environmental organizations analyze the increase of deforestation in the Amazon in 2013.

Forest Management Transparency Report - State of Pará (2011 to 2012)

Report assesses the quality of logging in part of the Amazon between August 2011 and July 2012.

Environmental Compensation

Land tenure issues and lack of human resources are impediments to Conservation Unities consolidation in the Amazon.

Hanging in the balance
Movie by Skoll Foundation and Sundance Institute shows several initiatives to reduce deforestation and preserve biodiversity.

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